Black Magic KL5/0 Snapper Snatcher - Saury

Snapper Snatcher - Saury Snapper Snatcher - Saury

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Black Magic KL5/0 Snapper Snatcher - Saury

  • Genuine BlackMagic® Flasher Rigs;
  • Chemically sharpened;
  • High carbon Steel;
  • Hand rigged in New Zealand;

BlackMagic® Flasher Rigs are suitable for all fish species. A small triangle of bait should be used to enhance their performance. Ensure the gape of the hook is not blocked with too much bait. Ideal for deep water fishing, surfcasting and catching fish for the kids too.


KL style recurve, a cross between a “longline” hook and a wide gap or kahle. :Leave the drag on and the fish hook themselves, the recurve design ensures most fish are hooked in the corner of the mouth.


If fishing in deep water or night fishing, the longer the lumo bead is exposed to a strong light or sunlight, the longer and brighter it will glow. When fishing over a mud or sand bottom tie the sinker 100mm below the second dropper. This will help catch fish feeding on or near the bottom.


IGFA Legal High Carbon Steel Hooks

Use a suitable weight or jig to suit the depth of water and current being fished.


Use the rod tip to give a slow up and down motion. Strip baits can be used to enhance their performance.


Good to be used with BlackMagic® UV LED Torch.


NZ$ 12.99NZ$ 12.49